The "COMMIT TO THE BRICK"  Capital Campaign is a one-time donation to help us move downtown to 117 Hall Street, Monroe. Each donation of $1,000 receives a 4x8 brick with a nameplate that will be permanently affixed to the wall in our new lobby. 
Gifts are tax deductible and can be paid over two calendar years. Donate online today or call the Coalition at 323-8775.
You can have up two lines of text—one ALL CAPS and one Title Caps (e.g., YOUR NAME, Company Name; FAMILY NAME; Family Members). If the brick is “in honor of” someone, that name will appear above the ALL CAPS name with your name below it.
NAMES on BRICK (ALL CAPS): ___________________________________

Title Caps (optional): __________________________________________________

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EVENT SPONSORSHIPS:Throughout the year, the Children's Coalition holds several high-profile community-based events that offer an opportunity to showcase your business and/or organization through designated sponsorships. Depending on the level of sponsorship, you will receive recognition in print and media materials, the website and/or the annual report. Visit the Events pages to learn more about annual events like the What Works Conference and the Dragon Boat Festival.